[RECAP] Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 3

I no longer PAY for cable… but I do benefit from my fellow bloggers who ensure that us less fortunate folks can enjoy good TV! Thanks Deida Dereon! This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 5, episode 3) was quite entertaining for one reason and one reason only…

But before I get to that ONE reason, let me get the rest of the girls out of the way! There’s very little that Nene Leakes can do to make me un-fave her. However, I don’t find her story line to be that exciting. She’s doing a lot better financially. Great. I don’t want to see her fighting and yelling, but it would be nice to see her expressing a little more humility… but even if she doesn’t, I’ll love her the same!

Kim Zolciak claims to be so wealthy but didn’t have enough pride to move her family from a home that she had been evicted from. That’s embarrassing  even more interesting.. a homeless woman providing commentary on the home that Kandi PURCHASED! Girl. Park it.

Phaedra Parks. Boring. To be a lawyer, it surprises me how terrible she is speaking from the cuff. She says some of the silliest things! I’m uncomfortable with her infatuation with butts and I am wondering why her husband Apollo would be interested in butt sculpting for men. I’m just saying. A little jail time… and a little interest in man butt.. bad combo for a married man.

Portia Stewart… nice edition although I agreed with Kenya Moore‘s initial observations… a bit naive. Furthermore, if ANYONE agrees to support your charity, you need to treat them with the utmost respect. She noted that some of the other housewives supported but didn’t get their hands dirty. Thats rude… especially after she said that her ideal day is meeting up for lunch with other unemployed friends. No ma’am.

I don’t care for Kandi Burruss participation in this show. She is a bore and is not authentic. I don’t like how she tries to play Nene and Cynthia at every opportunity…

Last but not least… I think that Kenya Moore is the best thing to ever happen to Housewives of ATL since the original cast. She and Marlo were great additions… just the amount of drama and beauty to make the show worth watching. Kenya allows us to forget the other boring story lines that aren’t even fun enough to blog about.

Until next week… so long.


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