I’m Skipping the Oscars, But…

If you are reading this, you’re not likely going to be attending the 2016 Oscars. In fact, only half of the 6,000 members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be there because Kodak Theatre has a seating capacity of 3,400.

I know that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee have begun a movement to get folks to not pay attention to the Oscars because of the lack of diversity but the reality for me is this… I didn’t see most of the films. I don’t go to the movies. I don’t even have a television! I am usually enveloped in the fashions that you can’t really escape if you have any kind of social media account.

But… I want to draw attention to a few things I’ve been thinking about…

Is it realistic for actors like Tyrese Gibson and 50 Cent to ask Chris Rock not to host the Oscars? Isn’t Chris Rock a part of the diversity that the show needs? Would they like for Chris Rock to be replaced by a white man?

b2e918cb544423c4041d0ae3fd010d81d6467c1438e0e2adabbfc6e0636cfae0I didn’t see many of the films but I did see a wonderful documentary about Nina Simone that has been nominated for Best Feature Documentary by Liz Garbus.

Here are a few other nominees that tell stories you may care about…

Best Documentary Short – Body Team 12

Best Documentary Short – Last Day of Freedom

Writing/Origin Screenplay – Straight out of Compton



[Music News] R&B Singers Tyerese, Tank & Ginuwine Form R&B Super Group; Tweet Corny Things

Over the last decade, Tyrese, Tank and Ginuwine have individually changed the scope of R&B with silky, sultry tunes. It appears that their friendship has birthed a new endeavor, TGT. It’s likely that some of the ladies will enjoy having all of these gentleman crooning on one record. Me, I don’t necessarily prefer them as solo artists. What I mean by that… Tyrese has classic but I don’t own any of his records. Ginuwine is a pure legend. Wait, I guess I do prefer Ginuwine. Tank… well… I guess I enjoy him as well! Together, I think they could make some magic. I’m just not sure how boy bands translate in 2013. Here are some of the tweets that made me think, “Uh, maybe not.”

Now that I think about it… It’s Tank’s tweet that annoys me. I’ll stop hating on the group and wait for the music… But Tank, you are grown. Clean it up!

[News Music] Anita Baker Covers Tyrese’s “Lately”


Lately is a timeless classic… but what is more timeless than the amazing Anita Baker!? Nothing! The legendary singer is back in the game with new music and I am geeked! This is beautiful!



Men & Weddings + New Tyrese & Brandy Duet

I don’t spend any time considering what will happen on my wedding day. I really don’t care… almost. I say almost because there is one thing that will not be negotiable… THE QUALITY OF THE MUSIC play and performed. I haven’t drawn out a playlist but I know that a few of my R&B cuts will featured, including Tyrese and Brandy’s “The Rest of our Lives.” I love this song.

Now, I’m not saying men don’t care about their wedding. I think for men, it’s more about WHO they are marrying, rather than who shows up, etc. My take is that since women start planning their wedding the day they realize the have an attraction to the opposite, they deserve to have whatever they have been dreaming about… within reason…

Me and My Mommy’s Top 7 Whitney Houston Jams of ALL TIME!

When I was a youngster, my mother would dance around the house to all of Whitney’s albums! I gained a wonderful appreciation for quality music because of my mother. In celebration of Whitney’s Birthday, I ask mom what her favorite Whitney Songs were. Since she was on her way to BINGO, she gave me a few and told me I knew the rest! Here’s our list!

NUMBER SEVEN: It’s Not Right But It’s Okay

NUMBER SIX: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

NUMBER FIVE: How Will I Know



NUMBER TWO: All the the Man That I Need (Mom’s fave)

NUMBER TWO: Greatest Love of All (Me and Mom agree… 1st Runner Up)


NUMBER ONE: Saving all My Love (We couldn’t decide)

Tyrese Divorce Situation

Tyrese has a waterproof prenuptual agreement that his ex-wife can’t see to be at peace with. Recent reports say that she feels she is somehow entitled to the $800K he made during their 10 month marriage. Meanwhile, folks are trying to figure out if he is or is trying to or would like or is thinking about hollerin’ at our girl Brandy! I know that because yesterday 197 people googled “Brandy and Tyrese” and landed on this blog! Well, I can’t say that I wouldn’t be rooting for this hookup although I wouldn’t want people saying that Brandy is the reason for the divorce. People are already so hard on Brandy for dishonesty in the past! Neverless the less, I believe these two love each other! I believe that there were some things that both of them had to experience before the time came when they could “try it out.” I think that time is nearing. it makes soooo much sense. Think about it!

Anyways back to Tyrese… Ms. Norma not only wants her car note, rent and $6K a month.. she wants a bigger chunk of what he’s got! Rumor has it she claims he was a bad father! Ouch Norma!