Why we Make Dumb People Famous…

In the middle of meetings and other important tasks that filled my day, I caught wind of some Twitter beef between a few popular rappers and media personalities. I can’t say I read enough of the tweets to know what happened but I have a few observations.

We make really dumb people famous. I was trying put my finger on why and it occurred to me that smart people are far too complex to be discussed through the lens of isolated  social media posts. Think about it. It only takes one quote from Donald Trump, Stacey Dash, Raven Symone, etc. to sum up their depth. They aren’t scholars or celebrated thinkers. They’ve not written any books worth reading and probably haven’t read any either.

we choose to make heros and persons of influence out of people who don’t make us think too hard in order to understand them. Even intellectually savvy artists are forced to dumb down their work to be accepted by popular culture.

so… Here’s my challenge to whoever is still reading.nstudy someone complex. Invest some time in an intellectual you respect. Read them. Watch them. Emulate if you want. But, let’s stop promoting ignorant people more than we promote brilliancy.


“Housewife” Kandi vs. Usher’s Ex Tameka Foster over Interest in Sleeping with Usher

kandi tameka

Oooooooow Wee! Kandi Burrus was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Next with her mother and was asked which celebrity she would like to sleep with. She named Usher because she said she heard he was great in bed. She later said she would never pursue that because the two of them were friends.

Before the show was over, Tameka Foster (Usher’s Ex) was notified by a Twitter follower and made a few comments about Kandi’s reputation in the streets! Check it out!

When a fan informed Tameka of Kandi’s response via Twitter, Tameka said:

“Girl that doesn’t surprise me, there isn’t many left in town that she hasn’t so…… Go figure…”

Kandi didn’t appreciate Tameka implying that she sleeps around, so she responded:

“You on some real bull**** i see…. wow.”

Tameka, calling Kandi’s bluff, Tweeted:

“See I like real live convos.. So anyone that wants to talk to me can DIAL or come SEE ME. I don’t play cyber games..”

We got dibs on our girl Kandi.

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