Why we Make Dumb People Famous…

In the middle of meetings and other important tasks that filled my day, I caught wind of some Twitter beef between a few popular rappers and media personalities. I can’t say I read enough of the tweets to know what happened but I have a few observations.

We make really dumb people famous. I was trying put my finger on why and it occurred to me that smart people are far too complex to be discussed through the lens of isolated  social media posts. Think about it. It only takes one quote from Donald Trump, Stacey Dash, Raven Symone, etc. to sum up their depth. They aren’t scholars or celebrated thinkers. They’ve not written any books worth reading and probably haven’t read any either.

we choose to make heros and persons of influence out of people who don’t make us think too hard in order to understand them. Even intellectually savvy artists are forced to dumb down their work to be accepted by popular culture.

so… Here’s my challenge to whoever is still reading.nstudy someone complex. Invest some time in an intellectual you respect. Read them. Watch them. Emulate if you want. But, let’s stop promoting ignorant people more than we promote brilliancy.


Google Glass / Are You Ready?

I seen a few celebrities Tweet about wanting a Google Glass.. and of course I had to find out what it was! Now, I want one! Check out this video! Bananas! CLICK HERE for more details!

Brandy first inpsired my interest!

Then I learned that Google was looking for people to test the product! Quite naturally I went to every extreme…. well… ok, not ever extreme but I got busy!


My life in Instagram Language.


Domo’s Facebook Rules for 2013


A few years ago, I did some much-needed Facebook cleaning and deleted more than 500 people. It felt good at the time. Since then, I have changed my perspective and try to add folks that look relatively normal. I know that’s hard to decipher on the internet, but whatever. I wanted to share a few things that I think are important for Facebook users in the coming months and years. Ok? Let’s go!

1. Adding all of your friends from work? STOP! We work together. We cannot be friends. Sometimes I have to get some things off my chest that concern you. It will change our working relationship if you knew all of the things that run through my head when we are working together.

2. No! Fight the urge to teach Bible study on my Facebook wall! I have a pastor… and a church… and a Bible… and a relationship with God… but not all of my updates will be about Jesus, directly. When I get out of line, I’ve identified people to correct me. You aren’t one of them.

3. We don’t need an announcement that you will be purging your list. JUST DO IT!

4. If you are selling products and services, you need a “do not bother list” for those who aren’t interested. To go a step further  you need a fan page or a business page so your worlds don’t mix.

5. If you and your significant other share passwords, that is your business but note that when I am talking to you, I am not talking to your partner. You need to let it be known that you have a shared account… especially if your lover is crazy, runs their mouth or is jealous.

6. In that same vein… Don’t give us too much access to your marriage or relationship. That’s your business. We don’t want or need the sticky details.

7. Don’t act like you know people on Facebook that you have never met. Don’t talk crazy to them. Be careful who you get into an argument with on someone’s wall! All that.

8. If you borrow someone’s post or words or photos, SITE THEM! Don’t be a thief.

9. Be original. People know when you are faking.

10. Police your kids, your spouse, your own business… nobody needs you doing surveillance. If your opinion is not solicited…………..


@KeyshiaCole’s Un-Lady-like Twitter Rants

I must say! I am tired of Keyshia Cole being so responsive to her critics in such an ugly way! If you are going to be a good example to your children and a celebrity, you need to do what Kandi Burruss does and Rise above the haters. You cannot be on Twitter cursing females out! You have decided to highlight the deficits in your marriage for a national TV audience so you need to deal with the consequences! THAT SAID, Keyshia is clearly the realest chick in the game! Some of the rest of these girls will rant for a few minutes , get checked by the label and them claim their account was broken in to!

Um… Chris Brown’s Halloween Costume…

[New Music] “Everyday People” – Mary J. Blige



Mary J. Blige winked at Global 14 and they posted her new single ‘Everyday People.’ It could possibly be a track off of her upcoming album, My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 2) but I am hoping note. The song is produced by Pharrell, Jermaine Dupri and B. Cox. Let me know what you think!

I just need more.



[Oprah.com] In a Digital World, Do Your Manners Need a Makeover?

Henry Alford, author of Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That? A Modern Guide to Manners, offers his tips for restoring civility in the age of constant connectivity.
By Henry Alford

1. Don’t answer a telephone call with an e-mail.Or an e-mail with a text message. Or a text with a Facebook message. In the communication hierarchy, you generally want to match the level of intimacy or move up the hierarchy—a move down can look like you’re avoiding the person.

2. Do ask before you post pictures from a party……whether anyone minds having them on Facebook. If someone is social-media-shy, save any photos of her for your non-Facebook albums.

3. Don’t text at the movie theater……no matter how strong the urge to LOL. If you’re perpetually rattled by the glowing phone screens of others texting during movies, do bring a tiny penlight to shine on them. It’s more discreet than shushing but still delivers a wallop of social shame.

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/relationships/Email-Etiquette-Cell-Phone-Etiquette#ixzz26IsgWvt7

[Tweet Beef] @Joan_Rivers VS. @Rihanna Re: @ChrisBrown

Joan Rivers has some thoughts and feelings about Rihanna’s interview with Oprah and took to her Twitter account to express them! Rihanna, didn’t much care for the remarks and fired back! Check out the Twitter war below!

“@Joan_Rivers wow u really do get slow when you’re old huh?” [<- Tweet later deleted]

What Was Chris Brown’s Mom Tweeting About During Rihanna’s Next Chapter Interview?

It looks like Chris Brown’s mother was watching Rihanna’s interview as well! During the televised interview for Oprah’s Next Chapter, Mama Breezy couldn’t help but drop a few subliminal messages for the world! She claims that her messages are “general” but you know what that means… “generally directed towards Rihanna!”

Weekly Affirmations (5/2-830/2011) Anti-Negativity Campaign 2.0

Do you know someone who always seems to be drowning in pessimism? All of their Facebook and Twitter updates are sad complaints about how terrible their life is and how they have haters lined up, trying to pull them down. It gets old! Negativity is draining!

Negativity is a cloud that hovers over people at their own will. You can make the choice to avoid negativity and look at things positively. I thank God for allowing me to step back from some of the things I endure and look at them holistically. I’m learning to ask God, “What do you want me to get out of this?” I also know that in my weakest moments, It’s important for me to remember that as a professing Christian, people are watching me. When I could choose to break under pressure, my resilience is a testament to the power of God in my life.

If God is this BIG God that brings sunshine to darkness, surely he is capable of brightening my perspective and helping me to remain positive even when it is not easy! This week, I will not give in to the feelings and thoughts of negativity. I will not use my social networking sites to promote negativity. I will reroute negativity that comes to me in person, via e-mail and on the phone. I will ask God for his strength to be accountable to my own affirmations.