Will & Jada Partner with Simon Cowell and Sony Pictures Television for Reality Show

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith are on a roll! While the wheels were turning about the potential of a divorce, these two were off buying up NBA teams and taking over television! That’s what you call a POWER COUPLE! Making moves TOGETHER! The couple’s Overbrook Entertainment company will partner with Simon Cowell and Sony Pictures Television to find America’s best DJ.

“This show will comb the world to find a new breed of talent,” Pinkett-Smith said in a statement. “I am happy to be creating it alongside Simon Cowell, the Sony Team and my partner Miguel Melendez, on behalf of the Overbrook family.”

Read more: http://www.essence.com/2012/01/25/will-and-jada-to-create-dj-themed-reality-competition-show/#ixzz1kW4CQarj


Simon Cowell was Offered $130 Million to…

WOW! FOX executives didn’t think enough of Paula Abdul to keep her on for another season but they figured that Idol wouldn’t last without Simon Cowell. In order to get him not to run off to his own show, X Factor, FOX president Rupert Murdoch offered him a whopping $130 million to stay on ‘Idol.’ He said no.

For me, I didn’t think that Simon brought much to the show. Sure he had some great one-liners and appeased those of us who like straight-talk… but you can get that with someone else. I wish him the best of luck.. but people who like a good singing competition will watch the show regardless! Hopefully they will stop the show and come up with something different after this, though!

Ellen Speaks on Tension Between Her and Simon

Ellen says that the tension between she and Simon is… well… watch for yourself! CLICK HERE!

Whatever… Ellen is funny on her show and in person but I wasn’t too excited about her on Idol last night. I expected her to bring life.. she has huge shoes to fill. She was so-so. Oh, and the real scoop is that she and Simon have tension because Simon is never on time and the other judges don’t care as long as they get their check! Ellen, on the other hand, has thangs to do!

Somon Cowell and Ellen Cover Entertainment Weekly


It’s time to get REAL comfortable with the fact that Ms. Paula Abdul is no longer apart of the AI posse. She is GONE! On the other hand, no one is more excited about the mixture of Simon and Ellen. I LOVE Ellen. The only problem I REALLY have with all of this is that my guy, the Big Dawg Randy has been there since day one and needs to make these magazine covers too! I digress.