Bye to You! Phylicia Stays!


When has Ms. Phylicia Rashad ever been anything but a class act? When has she ever defamed the Black race? When have you ever been ashamed of her? What has she said or done to be viewed as less than a renowned actress and activist? When has she ever caused you to question her commitment to the feminist movement from the perspective of a Black woman?  When has she failed you?

Theres a danger in trying to blowoff anybody who wont blowoff Bill Cosby. Its further proof that Ms. Phylicia Rashad is right. This is less about Bill and more about a legacy. Some say Phylicia has to go bye bye for defending the reputation of the man she knows but on the other hand we have used people with less credibility to confirm our belief of guilt.

For me, Phylicia Rashad’s legacy should be protected, no matter how she feels about Bill. Whomever has an invested interest in Bill’s downfall should not get the entire Black culture as a package deal. They shouldn’t get to suck all of the life out of what Bill built for people like me.

– Dominique


[Pix] New York Premiere of ‘For Colored Girls’


Ms. Patti!




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[Movie Trailers] For Colored Girls

What other film in our lifetime will feature actors like Whoopi Goldberg, Anika Noni Rose, Phylicia Rashad, Kerry Washington, Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Loretta Devine, Kimberly Elise, Macy Gray, and Tessa Thompson?

I’m looking forward to this!

16 Thoughts, Kudos, Concerns & Suggestions

1. Suggestion: Let Jamie Foxx be a reminder to us all that these bathroom pictures WILLresurface… Here is one of mine in case y’all want to circulate it! The saints don’t circulate naked photos to the masses! CLINK! CLINK! I am saving myself and my goods! TMI! – Real talk though!

Taking a break from cleaning!

2. Kudos: Does either Mya or Macy Gray make you want to watch Dancing with the Stars more? I just can’t get into that show! I know I must be the only person out there! Maybe I will watch Macy Gray!  Something about that just feels funny to me! Other Stars include Aaron Carter, Melissa Joan Hart, and Kelly Osbourne.

3. Kudos: Its being reported that Celine Dion is pregnant with her second child via some assistance from some fertility treatments. She is 41 and this will be her second child!

4. I am so tired of all of this song and dance about Mike Vick being sorry! Blah! Blah! Blah! He has a publicist that has him up to this! Who else heard he was partnering with the Humane Society! I did not appreciate the condescending tone of the Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle...

5. Kudos: Steve Harveyhas a new gig! Its being reported that he will be a correspondent for ABC’s Good Morning America! Good look ABC!

6. I feel SOOOO in the dark! I hadn’t know that Phylicia Rashad was a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig!Where are her commercials. She has lost 35 pounds, according to Bossip. I can digit!

7. Suggestion: You GOTTA get into Mary J. Blige’s new song “Stronger.”It became available today on itunes! It will be a song on her album AND a track on the soundtrack for the upcoming film, “More Than A Game.” The Storyline centers around life growing up as Lebron James. The film hits theatres in LA, New York and Cleveland on October 2, 2009! Take a look!


8. Brett Favre is a cat with 9 lives, isn’t he? He’s a Minnesota viking now! Does his family actually move to all of this places? On the real though, you can’t really knock the hustle. Some folks can lift a finger at his age!

9. I want everybody to know that I am a man who has a great appreciation for moisterized skin. I can eliminate a bottle of apricot scrub in a week! It’s that serious for me! I love Jergens Natural Glow! Get into it for great skin!


10. Now whose daughter do you think this is? Just look at her! I BET you didn’t guess Biggie! She just turned 16 and had a Sweet 16.. Go see all of the pictures and make note of Faith Evan’s eye makeup choices… CLICK HERE!

 11. Is Tyragonna get you to tune in when she lets her lacefront go on her show? I don’t see the big deal! I see girls ‘hair chair everyday!

 12. I’m not trying to be funny and I am JUST repeating what a friend asked me..LOL… If you didn’t know ANY better… doesn’t this picture look like something taken at an ATL Pride Beach Party? Essentially what she (my friend) was trying to get across was that she felt they had crossed the “metro” line with this one! Both of them have girlfriends though. Kanye’s lady is a lesbian in real life. I aint lying.

13. Another friend brought to my attention that CBS was calling OmorosaStallworth, “Apprentice to God.” I Like that! Let me just take one minute to hush the naysayers!She can go to the seminary if she wants! I know its a bit of a shocker but the same was true for the Apostle Paul who was a pursecutor of the saints before Jesus changed his life. That being said, going to the seminary don’t have a thing to do with a relationship with Christ!

14. Suggestion: Are you Whitney Houston’s biggest fan? Do you want to act like her biggest fan to get on Oprah? Go fill out this form on Oprah’s Website! CLICK HERE!

15. I Love! By way of church announcements, pray for Mother Rosie Lewis! According to reports, Brother Lewis got smart about the food and Mother Lewisdecided to cook another meal. When he was unpleased with that one, he decided to hit her with his cane… but not before Mother Lewis struck him a few times with a skillet, resulting in 50 stitches. Find out what charges Ms. Rosie faces and read the rest of the story HERE!

16. Who watches the T.O. Show? remember when Terrell’s new ladyfrom this week’s epsiode admonished Kita and Moto go and google her if they were unaware of who she was? I took the liberty to do so and found out that she was Jessica White, Victoria Secret model. GOOGLE HER!