Who is Noah? + Wall Street Jornal Tidbits for the Day

I’m not sure if I’m a morning person by I never have a drowsy demeanor. No dragging for me! You? God is good.

I have my coffee and my newspaper and my life! The barista knows my name is not Noah but she decided to name me that. She will be fixing that.

Anyway, here are your Wallstreet Jornal Tidbits for the day!

  1. Samsung will release a new Smartwatch this week. They are coming for you, Apple! Probably not.
  2. Walmart is cutting worker hours. Pray for the employees and their families.
  3. The State Department released 7,000 of Hilary Clintons emails. Yall  still tripping?
  4. A court ruled that parents of public school kids do not have a constitutional right to decide where to send their children to school.
  5. California approved a bill to ensure equal pay for women. Head to HR and request an equity review!
  6. Blue Bell Ice cream will be back next Monday!
  7. Does it surprise you that somebody has to fight bias against minorities in changing the way car loans are priced? Look for stats from the Consumer financial Protection Bureau.
  8. Retailer Forever 21 is aiming to downsize larger stores. Don’t be surprised when they move to a smaller location at your local mall!

Miss Oregon Teen Shaves Her Head…

Not every story that does viral is a good one but I wanted to post about a beauty queen from Oregon who decided that having her hair wasn’t as important as saving a life! Miss Oregon Teen, Brittany Thomas had her head shaved Saturday to raise money for children’s cancer research. She was inspired by a friend who died of leukemia.

Here’s information about Brittany’s cause from Wendshow.com:

Miss Teen Oregon Brittany Thomas: For more information about St. Baldrick’s and to find out how you can give back, log onto stbaldricks.org.

Brittany’s new wigs were provided by Design by Flora. Visit designbyflora.com for more information.