[Style Watch] Will & Jada Pinkett Smith in Spring Plaids; Nene & Greg Hit the Beach


And some other stuff about them… they aren’t split and Will Smith says he is indestructible… That’s it in a nut shell! Black love is still ride or die! As long as Jada and Will keep it going and Denzel doesn’t mess anything up with Pauletta!

Speaking of undying love.. Nene and Greg Leaks were out and about this weekend. A little time on the beach for the two!


[Video] NeNe Talks Celebrity Noses; Plays “Nene NOSE Best”

Nene’s nose was better before but its not bad now! I just hope she quits. You know that people who start never stop! Funny comment about LaToya Jackson’s nose.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap #8

It’s thursday and that means one thing… IT’S NENE DAY!!! I have decided that this show needs to be divided into 3 different shows; 1) The REAL Housewives of ATL (Nene & Lisa), 2) The Real Fiances of ATL (Kandi) 3) The Real Homewreaker of ATL (Kim)… Does that cover everyone? Alright.. that wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be! Lets move on!

Kandi invited Kimto the studio… for what reason, I am not sure! Kim finds out that she and Kandi have birthdays that are two days apart! Uh Oh! TWINS!Is Kandi the real Black version of im afterall?  Kandi wrote a song in honor of Kim about flying above all of the haters. I can’t STAND when people waste time singing and talking about haters.If they are haters, ignore them! Don’t write a song about them. Why is it that Nene knows all of the words to “Tardy for the Party” but the artist doesn’t know it? I heard the finished product of Kim’s Tardy for the Party… Wait ’til you hear it and it gets stuck in your head!

Nene has a photo shoot with Derek Blanks and plans to reunite with her stripper side. In the end, all the housewives will join in! This is going to be interesting! I can tell you already that I am not feeling Kim being painted black!Luckily we get to go to LA to see Lisa’s family before the shoot. This prompted Kim to have an opinion about Lisa inviting Nene to New York. Why the heck do you care?Then she goes on to say that when she meets a new friend, Nene always has a problem with it… Umm.. weren’t you just confused about Nene being friends with Lisa?

Oh NO! SHeree has another meeting! Doesn’t that scare you? I am trying to understand why Sheree has all of these unreasonable demands. At the same time, they want HER to host their show! SO, I feel her! Nene introduces us to a “new” drink called the “Miss Thang” It’s a  margurita with a splash of orange juice.Sounds…like a Margurita! On to Lisa’s parents house.. why are Lisa and Nene sitting up in Lisa’s parents livin room with sun glasses on!

Sheree meets Tito and the other guys to check out some models from TRG3 for her show. TRG3 messed up! The girls were cute but didn’t look like models! LOL @ Nene telling Lisa’s grandma that they have the same hair do! Later, Nene confesses exactly what I was thinking. I was uncertain why Nene would go to Lisa’s brother’s plot but hadn’t gone to her mother’s!

Kim and Kandi meet for dinner and almost immediately she starts worshipping Kandi… Then she gets messy and has general commentary about EVERYBODY! I like how Kandi was trying to stay mutual. Kim was just being tacky! LOL @ her advising Lisa to “pick a field!” Meanwhile Lisa and Nene are on the roof of the hotel… They meet a flamboyant man on the roof who says he wouldn’t mind an Oakland raider… I am confused why Lisa said she had to keep her husband away from him! Lisa, your husband isn’t in the NFL, is he?


Real Housewives of ATL Recap #7

WARNING: These are random thoughts. I know I need a spellchecker!

A. The director’s cut f the the Housewives of Atlanta has already proved itself to be worth it’s weight in gold!  A great little appetizer before the main course! This picture above has Lisa looking like she could be Tina Knowle’s little sister! I know that’s random but this little RHOA pre-show is thus far a little recap of what we have already talked about! Why is this Director’s Cut called, “Kim-Tervention?”

B. LOL @ Nene saying that they were socialites and unaware of who Anthony Shorter, the ATL party planner was! FUNNY!

C. Kim’s Helmet: The funny thing is that it was almost like she anticipated a crazy dinner where the wig was coming off… SHE HAD A HELMET IN HER PURSE! Let me get a picture of this! I am over hear laughing hard at Nene having a choking fit upon hearing that Kim said Greg was broke!

D. Okay.. KIM IS A THUG! She aint even need that helmet! Why is Kim swearing on her kids though? Not that serious!

E. I’m on the floor laughing at Nene’s review of Kim saying that God was going to get Sheree!!!!

F. Sheree should try not to get so madd because the veins in the side of her neck… I can’t take it!

G. I recall Kim saying somebody was a crack whore though! Kim said she wishes she was a stripper because she would be at Sheree’s house? I don’t get it!

PAUSE: Isn’t it interesting to see how much Bravo edits out of these shows?

H. Jonathon Jackson…Kim’s publicist is apprarently messy but he offered Sheree and Nene somewhere to live!? Thats nice! Anyways…

I. I see Nene running after Kim and Sheree and the funniest thing comes out of Nene’s mouth… “So Lindsay Lohan’s dad is coming too?”


K. Nene keeps sending Lindsay Lohan’s man back to Malibu… Then she pulls Kim outside and they are rehashing NOTHING and Nene is still stuck on Kim talking about Greg.

L. Yes, Kim… the whole world does know your hair is fake.. so why do you keep wearing it! Who else caught that Kim was lying about talking to her daughter while she was talking to Lindsay’s dad!

M. Meanwhile the real episode is on and Lisa’s mom has invited her and Nene out to L.A. for Lisa’s Grandmother’s 92nd birthday. It’s very clear that the producers know that people watch the show for Nene so they are involving her in most segments and I am not mad! Lisa visits Nene and they review her book writing experience…

N. UGH Kandi! The mention on AJ annoys me… WHAT DOES AJ DO FOR A LIVING? WHY IS THAT SUCH A SECRET? She and AJ are out to eat and his English is a car wreck! Watching them eat together is like watching that BET show “Hell Date.”  Now they have us at this photo shoot where AJ shows up and the photographer’s face when he walked in said it all!

O. Why did they have Kandi’s mom KILLING some chicken!??!? Mom was NOT having the picture when her and AJ! She said, “I don’t want to be phony!”

 P. A little speed-dating in honor of Dwight and Sheree…I like Dwight’s jacket. Event planners. Corny jokes. Restraining orders.

Q. Is Kandi inviting Kim to the studio?

R. What qualifies Kim to comment on Dwight’s singing!

S. Kandi started singing and then Nene cracks me up because she said what I was thinking…. “I just thought it was ok! I just feel like if you have a record deal then you would just be blowing out of the water… but I don’t know.” I don’t know either Nene and she doesn’t have a record deal! Well, she didn’t at the time this show was filmed! I a sure she has one now!

Real Housewives of Atlanta Review #2

CLICK HERE TO READ RECAP of EPISODE #7  How did this party that Sheree was going to have turn into sharing time for divorced women! Last week she was a victim of Anthony Shorter’s anger and disrespect for women! This week she is back on my nerves!

Lisa still gets on my nerves too! I am not certain why she would marry a football player and not want him to play!

Here we go! My girl in on the screen! We love us some NeNe! LOL… Playing peacemaker!

Kim is stupid… I hate to hear her talking about “Big Papa.” Wait!!! Kim has a new Assistant? I don’t recall her from last season! I’ll have to do a background check on her!

Then something happened with Kandi and her guy AJ. She and her story line are rather insignificant. Where is NeNe… Oh there she is!

Kim, knows she lied about having cancer so why is she mad at Kim? Wait, NeNe called her out about about being a gift-chaser. “He just gonna buy you something and you will be right back with him.” This was 10 minutes after she said she didn’t need Big Papa… You can lie to people who don’t know you but you can’t lie to your friends.

Back to Kandi… Whya re you reading blogs? Why would you need to be going t the salon to get the latest Atlanta gossip? Oh Lord.. she is primarily having a wedding for her daughter… not for her?!

Now Lisa and Ed are at the fertility Dr. She is interested in having twins even though she already has a truck-load of kids!

Wait! This is funny… Check out this parady of Kim and NeNe from last year performed by Bonnie Hunt and Niecy Nash!

Okay.. Okay! I am being mean to Kandi for no reason. In case she stops by and reads, you a re a cutie… Oh, and Kandi.. I agree with your mommy! “Can you imagine what its like dealing with 4 baby mamas?” So why are you crying Kandi? Your mom goes hard on AJ because he has his hands full WITHOUT you and yours! Me and your mom are unimpressed! What does AJ do for a living to support all of these people?

I miss Deshawn. maybe she wasnt that exciting but she loved her family and brought something unique to the group!

Sheree, Kim and NeNe meet and Oh LAWUD! WOW! So Kim was the one who dropped the news about NeNe renting the house! Oh wait.. why are they acting an idiot in the restaurant! She said, “I hope God strikes both my kids dead tonight if I said that…” Why would you EVER say something so stupid like that? Then she went and told NeNe that she has never said anything bad about her!

LOL @ Me thinking Ed Hartwell was the designer of one of those dresses Kim got…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Premiere Party

The Housewives of Atlanta had a Premiere party in Atlanta at the “W” in Buckhead last night! You have to be proud of these ladies! They came on the scene and gave Bravo their highest ratings EVER! You gotta love it! (Unless you are a hater!) NeNe looks fantastic… Sheree looks a mess! Kim looks ..like she always looks! Lisa could get it.. as usual… and I LOVE Kandi! Beautiful chocolate sista! Click the photos to expand!