[Ask Domo] “He’s with me, but she pays the bills”

Dear Dom,

I’m dating a nice guy and we are moving towards being exclusive. The only problem is that he has a “friend” that pays a few of his bills. I don’t think he would cheat but he has been open about this and I don’t think its that big of a deal. My family sees this differently. He’s not going to stop and wants to make things work with me. Am I dumb for not thinking this is wrong? – IJS

Thanks for writing. My first question to you would be “If you were paying a grown man’s bills, would you have any expectations of him?” It could be that he has a female friend paying his bills bills because she has low self-esteem and has figured out a way to get some monthly attention from him. If that were the case, you would be taking a man who is taking advantage of another woman and my thought is that you SHOULD be uncomfortable with that. I am. I will not rush to say that you are “dumb,” but I would lay you on a couch to see why a strong, independent woman wouldn’t be pursuing a strong and independent man. If he cannot take care of himself without the support of a woman he is not with, how would be be able to provide for you? Where do you draw the line? Are you going to let her pay for the wedding?

Get to the bottom of this and start passing out ultimatums.  – Domo


[Pix] The Kardashian Crew Arrives at Biltmore Hotel in Miami for family Photo


The Jenner/Kardashian crew arrives at The Biltmore Hotel in Miami yesterday, and do so in style! I don’t normally care much about these people but to look so good, for no apparent reason… in the middle of the day… deserves celebration!


Gabrielle Union says her Career took a hit because of D. Wade’s Ex-Wife

Ma’am. Gabrielle Union. You started dating Dwyane Wade when he was YET married… You were sleeping at his house where his children were… But YOUR career was hurt? Get real! Secondly, why are you outing your family?

[Celebrity Sightings] Laurynn, Amar’E, Cookie, Gabrielle & More!


Lauryn Hill looks great! This must be her summer look! Light on the clothes. Light on the make-up… natural beauty!


Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union out and about in Miami!


Magic Johnson and Cookie… still going strong… in Italy!


Speaking of “still going strong, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith… still at it!


My love, Michelle Williams!


June Ambrose at Essence Music Festival! Isn’t hot?


Amar’e used to be so fashion conscious.


Queen Latifah!

Brandy & Monica to Release Duet for Upcoming Albums February 6th

I figured something like this was going to happen. Brandy and Monica were rumored to have been in the studio a few weeks ago In Miami recording. The two singers are both expecting to have albums out in the first or second quarter of 2012. Check out the news below:

The new single, “It All Belongs to Me,” will debut Feb. 6, their label announced Tuesday. The track, written and produced by Love, will appear on Monica’s upcoming disc, “New Life,” set for release  March 6, and Brandy’s yet-to-be titled RCA debut album, which the singer said will hit stores in the spring. [Source]

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin Gets Engaged! + Wedding Plans

The Queen of Soul has a new lease on life and wants to spend it with her long-time lover, Willie Wilkerson. Franklin told People Magazine that she is not expecting a baby, in case you were wondering. She is planning a summer wedding in Miami or the Hamptons and plans to be gowned by Donna Karan, Valentino and the queen of wedding dresses, or Vera Wang. Congrats Ms. Aretha!

Read more: http://www.essence.com/2012/01/02/aretha-franklin-gets-engaged-to-longtime-partner-willie-wilkerson/#ixzz1idPNQpyE

[Celebrity Tidbits & News] Sean Kingston Recovering + Bernice KIng Leaves Bishop Long’s Church + LRG Co-Founder Dead at 34

Good morning friends! I hope you are doing well! There a few newsworthy items I wanted to post about this morning! Here we go!

 The 21-year-old singer, Sean Kingston was in a jet ski accident this weekend and suffered a broken jaw, fractured wrist and water in his lungs!
 He crashed into a bridge on Sunday and was rushed to the hospital in Miami. Although in critical condition, he is reportedly stable and expected to make a full recovery within 6 weeks.

LRG Clothing Co-Founder Jonas Bevacqua Found Dead At 34

This is pretty sad! Jonas Bevacqua co-founded the popular clothing brandy, LRG back in 1999 and presided over the company while it saw its greatest growth. He was found dead in his home this weekend. No cause of death has been reported. He was 34 years old.

Praying for his family! I am sure this is a huge surprise for them!

While its been relatively quiet in the Eddie LOng camp after he reached a 15 million dollar settlement with his accusers, it’s being reported that the church is experiencing some huge changes. Namely, Bernice King, a faithful elder at the church, announced her resignation. The church has dubbed King, “The ministerial beacon” which means others may make a mass exit with the light!

I hope that the saints are praying diligently for the ministry and for  Bishop Long. Regardless to whether he is innocent or guilty, we know that God is a just god and he is the ONLY judge! We pray that those who stay at the church are nurtured spiritually and not affected by the changes that may come as a result of recent activities. Amen.

[Today’s Celebrity Sightings] Naomi Campbell + Will Smith + Nene Leakes & More!


The male members of the “Loving you is Killing Me” Cast including Tyson Beckford, Joe “Tiny” Barrino, Jovan Miller and Philip Lightfoot.Raven-symone-abc-upfronts

Aside from the reports that ms. Raven’s attitude stinks these days, she is looking good! I am happy for her!


Always a supporter of Vanessa Williams.She looks incredible!


Will Smith takes a jog in NYC! Can you imagine needing a jog when you are such a huge celebrity?


Zoe is lovely, too. Never really spoke to me in terms of fashion but she is cute as a button! What else matters!


Then again, she doesn’t do too bad! These are from Cannes film festival!


Naomi walks the runway for Fashionfor Relief!


And again.. flawless!




It’s that time of the year! Commencement! Dr. Denzel delivers!


Nene Leakes performs in the stage play, “Loving You is Killing Me” in Miami, FL!


Katerina Graham in… a Flintstone fit!

[Video] Chris Bosh’ Mic Check Under Scrutiny… LOL!

I have heard people calling Chris Bosh a homosexual but it’s not really “news” to pay attention to… since there are really only a FEW ways to prove it. That being said, his mannerism are in question and this video of him doing a mic check has gone viral. effeminate or just non traditional? You be the judge!