@KeyshiaCole’s Un-Lady-like Twitter Rants

I must say! I am tired of Keyshia Cole being so responsive to her critics in such an ugly way! If you are going to be a good example to your children and a celebrity, you need to do what Kandi Burruss does and Rise above the haters. You cannot be on Twitter cursing females out! You have decided to highlight the deficits in your marriage for a national TV audience so you need to deal with the consequences! THAT SAID, Keyshia is clearly the realest chick in the game! Some of the rest of these girls will rant for a few minutes , get checked by the label and them claim their account was broken in to!


[Music News] Keyshia Cole says she “Wishes Mary Would Have Helped Her”

Keyshia Cole, who I normally refrain from posting about, but she is slightly throwing shade on the low. At one time, Keyshia claims that Mary J. Blige was her idol. many people made comparisons, that Mary J. Blige didn’t much appreciate, and rightfully do. Anywho, Ms. Cole is under the impression that because she admired Mary, Mary was required to mentor her. She recently interview with the SingersRoom.com and here is what she had to say:

I’m very happy to have been compared to such a wonderful woman, a strong woman. The only thing that I would’ve changed, that I am now here to do for those that come after me, is to lend a helping hand. I feel that even if it’s not me saying I’m gonna record with you, I’m gonna work with you or let’s go hang out or anything like that; we don’t have to be friends, but at the end of the day, being able to give advice or help somebody that is coming under you is an amazing gift to be able to have. I wish I would have had that from Mary, but I’m not Mary, I’m a different person and if K. Michelle ever call me or anybody for that matter, for advice, I would absolutely give it to them.