Domo’s Facebook Rules for 2013


A few years ago, I did some much-needed Facebook cleaning and deleted more than 500 people. It felt good at the time. Since then, I have changed my perspective and try to add folks that look relatively normal. I know that’s hard to decipher on the internet, but whatever. I wanted to share a few things that I think are important for Facebook users in the coming months and years. Ok? Let’s go!

1. Adding all of your friends from work? STOP! We work together. We cannot be friends. Sometimes I have to get some things off my chest that concern you. It will change our working relationship if you knew all of the things that run through my head when we are working together.

2. No! Fight the urge to teach Bible study on my Facebook wall! I have a pastor… and a church… and a Bible… and a relationship with God… but not all of my updates will be about Jesus, directly. When I get out of line, I’ve identified people to correct me. You aren’t one of them.

3. We don’t need an announcement that you will be purging your list. JUST DO IT!

4. If you are selling products and services, you need a “do not bother list” for those who aren’t interested. To go a step further  you need a fan page or a business page so your worlds don’t mix.

5. If you and your significant other share passwords, that is your business but note that when I am talking to you, I am not talking to your partner. You need to let it be known that you have a shared account… especially if your lover is crazy, runs their mouth or is jealous.

6. In that same vein… Don’t give us too much access to your marriage or relationship. That’s your business. We don’t want or need the sticky details.

7. Don’t act like you know people on Facebook that you have never met. Don’t talk crazy to them. Be careful who you get into an argument with on someone’s wall! All that.

8. If you borrow someone’s post or words or photos, SITE THEM! Don’t be a thief.

9. Be original. People know when you are faking.

10. Police your kids, your spouse, your own business… nobody needs you doing surveillance. If your opinion is not solicited…………..



The Bible & Gay Marriage Supporters


When I see stuff like this, I wonder who it purposes to convince? As an intelligent, educated Bible reader, I find this to be depthless and I wouldn’t expect even the most ignorant Christian to be moved by it. Perhaps it meant as affirmation? Points for debate with someone who doesn’t STUDY the Bible? Should the LGBTQA community invest in challenging the church’s beliefs or the government’s position on their personal life?