House of Cards vs. House of Cookie


Im not watching Empire. I’ll get to the main reason why at some point. This is going to be everwhere. If you like focus… stop now. I may not have a point to prove or a horse in the race. Im just typing a few thoughts out of sequence.

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Bye to You! Phylicia Stays!


When has Ms. Phylicia Rashad ever been anything but a class act? When has she ever defamed the Black race? When have you ever been ashamed of her? What has she said or done to be viewed as less than a renowned actress and activist? When has she ever caused you to question her commitment to the feminist movement from the perspective of a Black woman?  When has she failed you?

Theres a danger in trying to blowoff anybody who wont blowoff Bill Cosby. Its further proof that Ms. Phylicia Rashad is right. This is less about Bill and more about a legacy. Some say Phylicia has to go bye bye for defending the reputation of the man she knows but on the other hand we have used people with less credibility to confirm our belief of guilt.

For me, Phylicia Rashad’s legacy should be protected, no matter how she feels about Bill. Whomever has an invested interest in Bill’s downfall should not get the entire Black culture as a package deal. They shouldn’t get to suck all of the life out of what Bill built for people like me.

– Dominique

Two Worlds.

Living one life is overrated. Unless you are a drug dealer by day and a drug dealer by night, you know the complexities of balancing who you are, who you desire to be and whatever your boss expects you to be. Then there are the many social and community obligations most of us are burdened with because somebody raised us to be invested in what matters.

This post is primarily for the uninvolved people. You get the pleasure of being one person. Im not mad at you. I just need your help.

1. Stop judging busy people.

2. Stop targeting good people who you know struggle to say NO!

3. Be open to the fact what you’re doing is not ALL other people have to do who are willing to work with you.

That’s the end of it. For now.


The Change Challenge #1

I am not sure if Maya Angelou said it first but I’m sure she said it. She said “when people show you who they are, believe them.” As simple of a concept as it seems, it’s the hardest truth to swallow. We tend to want to believe that people have temporary failures that don’t completely define them. We make excuses for people because we choose to isolate certain behaviors.

Ponder this question. What is my real potential for change? Am I fully capable of becoming the opposite of what I am for the sake of those who are dissatisfied with me? What will I do if I change but no one believes me?

So… The challenge? The first change is dealing with how we know we are ready for change. Let’s commit to thinking through what prompts the urge to change. Is it frustration? Is it the fear of failure? Let’s challenge when we engage Change. Let’s entertain Change intentionally. Let’s schedule it.


Reviews: Sacramento’s Hock Farm Craft & Provisions

On Saturday night I was wandering around in Downtown Sacramento and discovered the Hock Farm! The ambiance is farm house meets HGTV’s Candice Olson. Warm and friendly enough for family of four but chic enough for a night out on the town.

I was compelled return because I am on this Macaroni and cheese kick. The combination of bleu, cheddar and Parmesan cheese with sage breadcrumbs and crispy prosciutto… Who could deny?

I enjoyed my dining experience and will definitely be be returning with friends! That said, I won’t be ordering the Mac and cheese next time. I’ve been spoiled and my standards are high. Maybe the executive chef will read my review and consider adding a little mushroom and something to add a little punch!20140707-182307-66187778.jpg

AMC Movie Theaters get Recliners!


AMC movie theaters are getting cozy with its customers! According to the WALLSTREET Journal, 1800 theaters are kissing those hard, plastic chairs goodbye and welcoming what appears to be a plush 60″ recliner!

Here are the numbers… It’s going to cost AMC $35000 to $500000 per auditorium and will reduce average seating by 50-70%. It will likely cost movie-goers an extra dollar or two at the box office.

Do you like it or nah? Don’t matter. On any given release day, you will looking for the AMC theater with the more comfy chairs! Way to innovate AMC!