[Place] The Nordstroms Cafe

The Nordstrom Cafe has the best tuna melt I have ever had! It’s on a cheese-crusted rye with cheddar and jack cheeses, tomato and a nice tuna salad. OMGoodness! It comes with your choice of chips or salad. I usually get the salad because they have a tasty honey Dijon vinaigrette! YUM!

I should also warn you that the Arden Fair Mall’s Nordys may make theirs a bit different. I ordered the melt in Portland Oregon and it was very different! Be warned!

What is the best part of being stuck in the Houston airport??? Pappadeux Seafood! Boy, I tell ya! I tried to savour that moment for as long as I could! It was SO delicious! I rdered Crawfish Etoufee with dirty rice! I was heaven to my mouth! I wanted to share!

Pappadeaux was dinner but for lunch, I ate a spot across from my hotel in downtown Houston call The Grove. I ordered a skirt steak with chili cheese fries. I thought it was an odd combo but it was delicious!

If you are ever in Long Beach, CA… be sure to check out the Starling Diner!

I suggest the french toast!

I ate at Celestin’s recently and wow! The food was amazing! How is it that I never heard of this place! The place has a nice ambiance with great food, sports and more! I’ll have to go back for their happy hour! I had the Tiger Etoufee, as seen above!

My friend had the house Gumbo! I’ll have that next time!

These are in random order but… hopefully you can appreciate the pictures!image

Whit bean soup from the famous St. Elmos Steak house in Downtown Indianapolis!


St. Elmos had GREAT break! I had to get a second helping of those onion rolls!image

Finally the fillet arrived! YUMMY!image

This was at the Hotel in San Jose! Great stuff!image

Gumbo from Ruth Chris is pretty legit! Yummy! I want to go have a bowl today!image

I had some kind of trio with crab cake, petit steak and chicken stuffed with four cheeses.. saints… OMgoodness!image


Desert at Ruth Chris’image





This was a place called “Yats.” It was a creole restaurant INSIDE of Indianapolis. It was YUMMY! They had several different chili-based etoufees you could taste over rice. My plate with a drink was $8.image

This came from a great sports spot called Champps in downtown Indianapolis… this is some cheesy crab bread.. it was so tasty!image



She Crab soup from a nice place in Newport News, VA! Salmon and creole rice for the main course. Forgot to take a photo of the lime cheesecake. I murdered it!



Its more difficult to take care of yourself when you are on the road. You cannot control calorie intake, weather conditions, etc. Although I have never been
A hge fan of Jamba Juice… its fresh juice blends are a travelers friend. I like the Aloha Pineapple!



September 20, 2010: I went to a great Thai restaurant in West Sacramento called Manaoo. It was delicous. I had my regular fried rice and egg rolls. I think I found my new Thai spot!

I had never had Vietnamese food before. I went to a small place in San Jose California call Dak Ao. These were some of the best egg rooms I have ever had! We got this recommendation from students. It was super inexpensive. For the 2 of us, it came to $19. We had 2 sandwiches, spring rolls, fried spring rolls, a Vietnamese pastry and drinks!

As you may already know, I enjoy eating! I love a good place to eat and I REALLY love ambiance! I was checking our Bon Appetit’s restaurant issue and came across this list! I was surprised to come across a few places in familiar cities. Check out the list! I want to eat at ALL of them! Thats a new goal!

Laurelhurst Market (Portland, OR)

The suggest you order the rib-eye steak with Walla Walla Onion rings!

Anchovies & Olives (Seattle, WA)

They recommend the Swordfish!

Frances (San Francisco, CA)

They recommend the duck!

Hatfields (Los Angeles)

They recommend Summer vegetable Ragout with curry sauce!

You can check out the rest HERE!

I got some really excellent Pot Roast ideas from friends!

Here’s the recipe from our friends at
If it’s beef pot roast, try this:
-2 packets of Lipton beefy onion soup mix
-1 can low sodium beef broth
-1 soup can of water
-3-4 larg carrots chopped into chunks
…-3-4 potatoes (red or yukon gold)
-1 medium-large onion
-3-4 stalks of celery
-2-3 dried bay leaves
-2-3 cloves of garlic, smashed

Chop vegetables, similar sized chunks and toss with 1 packet of the soup mix. Season the roast to taste (go easy on salt though because there’s plenty in the soup mix & broth). Lay seasone…d roast on top of vegetables and sprinkle with second packet. Pour broth & water around roast, set it & forget it!


I cannot resist… this is going to be GOOOOD! I AM NOT SHARING! Anyone else checking out the Cheesecake Factory?

This was a meal at work.. I have no idea who catered this day but MY GOD! Hope they have the same menu this year!

Red Velvet cake from California Pizza Kitchen!




I love cupcakes!

Here are some of the dishes I had in Atlanta!

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Big Mom’s Kitchen

As a semi-single man living in an unknown city, I often have the desire to taste some good home-cooked food. I am certain that NOBODY fries a chicken wing and some good corn like Mother Kemp but every now and again, you have to give other people a chance! I LOVE red Velvet cake… LOVE IT! I love the its sweet, moist flavor with decadent and creamy toppings and filling… and just talking about it makes my mouth water! So I called up my girl Monique and said, “Whip me up one of them red velvet cakes I been hearing about!”

In less than 48 hours later and for the extremely low price of $15 I had a moist and delicious cake that I was trying to figure out how to hide from others. Just to show you how delightful it was… my desire to hide it ceased after one bite. A good Christian never hinds a good thing. I felt like the woman at the well who had an encounter with Jesus… I had to run back and tell somebody about the sweetness of this lovely cake! If you were smart, you would visit and get one of your own!

You can get all kinds of tasty treats like lemon bars, banana pudding, sweet potato pies, White chocolate strawberry cake, Chocolate cake, yellow cake, 7-Up cake, and a full variety of magnificent cookies packed with love! Yumm! At present, Cakes and Pies are only available in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys as well as the Bay Area.

Tell ‘em you read about it on for a 0% discount! (You don’t need no discount.. its already cheap!)


Recession Recipes (6/27/09)

I conjured up the best mean for 2 yesterday! I stir-fried a can of salmon and green beans with fresh mushrooms and a cup of rice! AMAZING!

Restaurants I LOVE!

I love eating. Below are a list of recommended places you should try out… especially in the Sacramento area!

California Pizza Kitchen on 16th & L

IKEA of West Sacramento $2.36

Wok O Flame Walnut Shrimp
Wok O Flame Walnut Shrimp

The Wok ‘O Flame is my favorite Chinese place in Davis, CA. I used to live around the corner and the people there are super nice. I usually get Egg Foo Yung however on a day when my money is right, I go for the Walnut Shrimp. Wok is located at 417 Mace Blvd. (530)753-0888. Tell then Dominique sent you!

McChormicks & Schmicks
McChormicks & Schmicks

They have a GREAT happy hour! They are located on 11th & K!