Why I’m Giving up Selfies in 2016


I’m going to stop taking selfies. Before I say why, I want you to know that I feel that critics of the selfie culture are generally folks that have people to photograph them. As a self-proclaimed loner and am invert, it very u likely that I am amongst people who I know and request to snap a picture. Most of my non-selfies Re taken by strangers who don’t look like they would steal my phone. So far, I’ve been blessed.

I think that selfies are a great way to express ones self. I think think they are fun amongst friends and harmless. I do not subscribe to the idea that they are anti-Christian or products of egotistical people. I think people read into them more based on their own feelings about being photographed, etc. I love being photographed. I like pictures.

That said, I read a forwarded post that got me thinking about aspects of selfoes that I never thought about. More often than not, they are unscripted and lack intentionality. The smartphone culture has robbed us of the our respect for professional cameras and photography as an art form. I’ve determined that my best photos are the ones taken by experts and/or with cameras meant to capture me at my best! That matters to me. 

So, unless absolutely necessary, I’ll refrain from all selfies. I should warn those who don’t like looking at me to discontinue our social media connections. This does not mean fewer photos! Just fewer photos I’ll take of myself! Be blessed.


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