Wall Street Journal Notes for 9/16

Your The Wall Street Journal Notes for today!

1. Facebook is planning “something akin to a dislike button!!” The point is to find a way to express sympathy… makes sense.

2. Taco Bell will be opening “Cantinas.” These will be Taco Bells + alcohol and Tapas.

3. HP is splitting into two separate businesses and slashing 25-30k jobs. Pray for the people who will lose their jobs. Just think… CEO Meg Whitman was almost governor!

4. The US and China will work together to address climate change. Hope they have a prophet on the committee.

5. Twitter launched a service to allow political campaigners to raise cash from users.

6. IOS 9 = better batter life and efficiency. Your going to get 40 more minutes of batter life on baseline and low power mode and 3.5 hours “with sacrifices.”

7. A new report found that too much technology in the classroom negatively affects learning.

8. Who knew Walmart had a grocery pickup plan? Dont want to leave your car? Walmart got you! You just have to live in Northwest Arkansas unless your in San Jose or Denver!

9. Comcast will now be selling Internet and phone service to businesses nationwide. Hope their service to business is better than their service to regular folks.

10. Toys R Us is doing a major restructuring but experience narrower loss than expected. People are still buying toys. Their newer CEO was previous Dominoes Pizza CEO. Fascinating.

11. Snapchat has started charging to replay messages. Yesterdays update will let you replay three times for 99 cents.


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