What’s so Bad about wanting to be Black? The Case for Rachel Dolezal


I’m not mad at Rachel for wanting to identify as Black and wanting to help Black people. I applaud her courage and… tenacity. At the very least, she should be categorized as a strong ally.

She could have chose to do much worse with her whiteness. I am not attempting to bring legitimacy to her claim. I just want to bring to everyone’s attention the fact  that Black is beautiful and that allies are beautiful and that if


a women we would categorize as White is willing to take a leadership role with the NAACP, some of “us” can afford to do more.

Oh… and they call Bill Clinton Black because he plays an instrument and likes basketball. He hasnt raised Black children, isn’t married to a Black woman, etc. Non-white performaning artist have been given the opportunity to be “honorary Black” because of their appeal to certain genres… none of them work at the NAACP.

So Rachel, you dont have to lie. When they ask, tell them this:

Black is  beautiful enough and worthy of being and I love the culture enough to adopt it and the people enough to formally serve as an ally, activist and educator. What are you doing?


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