I Watched “Preach” on Lifetime

  I like to know what things are about. I feel better confidently challenging things when I have all the details. That’s why I felt convicted when I re-posted the petition being circulated that seeks to eliminate the show from television. 

Well, I watched and would liken my feelings to tasting a bad pot of gumbo. What? Gumbo? How are they related? Well, Gumbo is a conglomerate of good things. Most of the content stands along on its own merit. Hot links… Shrimp… Crab… Only to be polluted by a bad cook.

This group of well-intentioned women all appear to be compassionate, committed and well-versed but they are performing at the pleasure of a television network, not God. 

From my humble perspective, the plot brings glory to things that do not magnify God. Self-entitlement, egotistical behavior, division among the body of Christ and the idea that you can be taught to do what God has not ordained…. These are Strong contradictions. 

It’s certainly not unbiblical to have an understudy who you are mentoring. Elisha had Elijah. Jesus had 12 disciples. Ruth had Naomi. Just to name a few. But… The scripture reminds us that the product of our “light” is not to bring attention to ourselves, but to bring glory to our Father in heaven.

In summary… Lifetime can’t make good gumbo.


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