God, Assignments & Promotions.

In August of this year, I’ll be celebrating 9 years in Sacramento. That’s exactly 6 years longer than I ever intended to be here. For most of the time, I’ve been wondering why and how and where next! In all honesty, I’ve tried to escape a few times. But each of those times, the Lord brought greater clarity to my assignment. So, I’m not praying for re-assignment anymore. I’m praying the divine will of the Lord be done.

I learned a very valuable lesson that I hope will help someone else. After being in Sacramento for about 5 years, I thought that maybe I was in the wrong career field. I found myself applying for positions I had confidence I could do although I had little experience. Well, someone thought I would make a great human resources professional. Ha! Yeah right. In hindsight, it was a terrible move. However, when I was offered the position, I felt strongly that it was God’s will for me to take the position. I still feel that way. I struggled for three years until the Lord released me from the position. I was so focused on what I lost and neglected to thank God for what I learned! I learned a lot about myself and people and forgiveness.

When God released me from that assignment, I thought I wouldn’t cross paths with the people anymore but many of them have been wonderful reminders that Gods favor is real and that he loves me. One year from that experience, the Lord blessed me with yet another opportunity. My new employer I nsisted on contacting all my previous managers. The one from my HR life had nothing nice to say. Upon learning of her retirement, I decided to extend well wishes to her and learned that she had been contacted. I knew for sure that if I was to ever promote, it would be Gods doing considering the HR leader had nothing kind to say. Then the Lord reminded me of his word in Psalms 75:6-7… ” For promotion comets neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he outreach down one, and setters up another.”

My adversary could not block the blessings of God. His promises are yea and amen. He cannot lie. I’m a witness. The battle is the Lord’s. No man can defy his plan. My future is locked in his will. My steps are ordered by the Lord.

The Lord favored me with a promotion and extended my assignment. Most of all he reminded me that he is Lord over everything. Everything. If you’re discouraged about your current situation, seek God. In my time of sadness and ambiguity, I read Lamentations 3. Read it and be blessed.


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