House of Cards vs. House of Cookie


Im not watching Empire. I’ll get to the main reason why at some point. This is going to be everwhere. If you like focus… stop now. I may not have a point to prove or a horse in the race. Im just typing a few thoughts out of sequence.

When I think about wasting away my time watching a show, I think of the 48 hours I’ll find to hide away and watch the third season of Frank and Claire Underwood. Empire doesnt interest me at all. I might be interested in borrowing some of Lee Daniel’s creative genius or coffee tasting with Terrence Howard… or people-watching with Taraji… but thats about all the value I can pull from the effort. The characters dont intrigue me.

Oh, I dont have cable. The lack positive Black images on television drain me. We’ve successfully been branded as singers and athletes, rappers and dancers… but no roles powerful enough to superceed the vilnerabilities attached. Olivia is powerful… until she runs into married presidential private parts.

But My Frank and Claire…

… intense and calculating. They make me feel good about being good and a little good about being…. not as good.



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