Bye to You! Phylicia Stays!


When has Ms. Phylicia Rashad ever been anything but a class act? When has she ever defamed the Black race? When have you ever been ashamed of her? What has she said or done to be viewed as less than a renowned actress and activist? When has she ever caused you to question her commitment to the feminist movement from the perspective of a Black woman?  When has she failed you?

Theres a danger in trying to blowoff anybody who wont blowoff Bill Cosby. Its further proof that Ms. Phylicia Rashad is right. This is less about Bill and more about a legacy. Some say Phylicia has to go bye bye for defending the reputation of the man she knows but on the other hand we have used people with less credibility to confirm our belief of guilt.

For me, Phylicia Rashad’s legacy should be protected, no matter how she feels about Bill. Whomever has an invested interest in Bill’s downfall should not get the entire Black culture as a package deal. They shouldn’t get to suck all of the life out of what Bill built for people like me.

– Dominique


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