Food for Thought: What are they advertising in the spaces you occupy? The magazines you read?

A few years back, I wanted to change the way I was thinking about certain things by changing the things I read! I put down the fiction novels and novelty magazines for things I felt would advance me. It started with a subscription to Black Enterprise Magazine. I was shocked to learn that I was being sold hair care products, Cadillacs, bad food and beverage, 300s and party lines because advertisers decided that those were the things I cared about based on what I was reading.

The advertisers who placed ads in Black Enterprise? Banks! Fortune 500 companies! Institutions of higher learning! Companies offering business solutions! Luxury vehicles! What a difference!

Today I went to my normal spot, Ruth’s Chris Steak House and as I was walking pass the Maseratis and boutique shops, it occurred to me that you often work harder for what you get access to. Because I like to eat well, I don’t have to guess what a luxury car looks like that I seen in a rap video. They park them in places where they think a potential buyer would go. Is t that fascinating? #foodforthought



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