The People I Meet at Peet’s #2

The last time I went to Peet’s, I met this wonderful lady who reminded me of Miss Iris Apfel, one of the iconic women of fashion. You may recall… but in case you don’t CLICK HERE LATER. Anyway, I rarely go to Peet’s but last year I got a gift card and they had a delicious pecan-flavored holiday drink that blessed me! Anyway, they are across from my dry cleaner and time was of the essence so I stopped by for a HalfCaf.

While I sampled the various blends, a nice woman and a child in a  stroller walked in. The child appeared to be of mixed heritage so I asked if he belonged to the woman. Initially, she appeared to be uninterested in conversation. She kept asking the young boy if he wanted “One or two pastries.” Score!

THEN IT HAPPENED! There was no more half and half and we both needed some! While we waited, we started talking about her work as a “full service Nanny.” She told me that her job was financially lucrative, that she cooks three gourmet meals a week, (She went to cooking school) and has never called in sick. She also teaches her children a new language. She used to be a teacher but got tired of pink slips. Isn’t that fascinating?

The Half and half arrived and our conversation came to a close. She said, “When you love what you do, its not work.” I thanked her for the inspiration and trotted to my car. I was 6 minutes late to the office. Well worth it.


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