[Jam of the Day] Mary Mary – Yesterday



One thought on “[Jam of the Day] Mary Mary – Yesterday

  1. In reference to the song: “There ain’t nothing to hard for her God.”
    I do not know which one she meant.
    I hope it is the Christian version…. The video’s message is contemporary.

    The greeks and romans changed a lot in the “bible” to control and manipulate the masses.
    Again, there is no “J” in the Hebrew (original written language of the “bible”) alpha-bet. Hint…

    What you feed your mind has a huge impact on your thoughts, which can impact your actions. Including numerous forms of cognitive therapy – helps a wretched mind tell Ha-satan to be quiet.

    I guess this is your way of giving me my own column.
    Thank you for that action – Harry. :-p


    Making love = trusting and obeying in Yahweh. No more sex.

    With love.

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