If @Instagram Pictures could talk! Oh…7 Things that Cause this face…


Sometimes, you get in a place where you do not want to be bothered. It aint got nothing to do with the day of the week or who is around. It’s purely internal. This is one random thing that concerns me about the potential of marriage. So I have to be up in someone’s face 24/7. Am I going to have to try and explain every feeling I come across? Too may grey areas for me! God has me waiting while he finishes hand-crafting my gift! Give God praise for that! Now… on to this face below…

1. Being tired is a privilege that you earn because you did something and you don’t always get to complain about it… so you make faces like these and post them on instagram.

2. It’s sill to say “____ has an attitude.” Maybe they are moody. Maybe they don’t like you.Maybe you are doing something that irritates them and they don’t have the energy to tell you that you are annoying.

3. Sometimes going to lunch is the worst enemy of productivity.

4. I hate when people don’t respond to my e-mails… but if I told them.. they really wouldn’t.

5. I hate when people abuse their influence.

6. The issue with my perspectives on Mondays is that..I start out very positive and it’s not always enough to reform someone else’s behavior.

7. I don’t have to have 7 if I don’t want to. It’s my blog. My fingers. My mind. It’s made up.

Yes, spell-checking is optional here.


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