Year-End Reflection Questions

Everyone should invest time figuring out the things that went well and the things that didn’t. I believe that there is so much power in personal reflection. Sometimes people avoid reflection because its the easiest way to face the truth about our life. But TRUTH is the path to freedom! Here are some questions that you can start with…

What  am I thankful for this year?

How far have I come – and where am I going? (Personally, professionally, emotionally)

What matters most to me? What happened this year to further solidify this?

Who is important to me – and who am I important to? How much time to I invest in those who don’t fall on this list!

What unique experiences set this year apart from all that preceded it?

Where did I excel – and where do I need to improve?

What do I want the answers to these questions to be next year – and how will I get there?


One thought on “Year-End Reflection Questions

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