The World of Songwriters… Elijah Blake on Mary J. Blige


We all love music. We have affairs with the singers but hardly credit the song writers. If you felt the same about the song writer as you did about the song singer… there would be a bunch of awkward crushes. Anyways .. I LOVE Mary J. Blige and I was reading an article on BrandySource about writer, Elijah Black. He recapped an experience he had in the studio with Mary J. Blige:

On Bringing His A-Game When Working With “Big-Namers”
“Once, when I was working with Mary J. Blige, she kept singing the wrong lyrics and I was just looking around like, ‘Does anyone else hear that she sang this word twice?’ I hit the talk button, and I’m like, ‘Uh, Mary you know that one line, you’re singing it wrong.’ She’s like, ‘Which line is it again?’ I showed her and she’s like, ‘All I can really do is sing what’s on the paper! You did write the lyrics on the paper right? You did write this song right? I’m in in the booth, all I can do is sing what’s on the paper. So next time how about you write what you want me to sing?’ I wrote [the lyrics] wrong because I was typing. I was nervous because it’s Mary J. Blige! She sounded really good and she came out and it was all jokes. We had wine and it was fun. I’m like, ‘What the fuck? I’m over here drinking wine in the studio with Mary J. Blige.’ [Source]



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