100 Things I am going to do on Vacation!


Everyone should have vacation goals… even if you are simply going to be laying on your couch for ten days! For a few months, I have pondered what I would be doing when I had the opportunity to go a week without having to work! This year, I’ve promised to myself that I will not over do it. I will rest so that I do not feel like I need a vacation after the vacation. Well.. here it goes.  I’ve come up with a list of 1906 things I plan to do over my vacation. I will spare you most of them.

1. Play with my nephews! I feel so blessed to have them and it kind of scares me to thin that they do not recognize me or that they will cry when I try to hold them.

5. Hang with some of my cousins. Miss them.

8. Finish three of the books on my reading list. It’s really two books but I borrowed one from my boss, so I am throwing that one in there as well!

22. Get well acquainted with Google +. I feel like I need to be more knowledgeable about it’s options.

31. Spend quality time with my brothers!

39. Take my mom on a “parent date!”

43. I need to better understand what Pinterest is. I see people using it but have never had the time to fall in love with it or find what makes it so valuable. Maybe I will get lucky!

44. SEND New Years Cards. I slack annually. I get cards from people and always surprised that they are still sending them to me. I am bad at mailing cards. I feel that if I do New Years cards, I can get them on sale and they won’t be late!

58. Sleep. Speaks for itself.

62. Go to a movie. I never see any movies. I feel left out when people start discussing movies. I may not have seen one in 2013. Can’t remember.

60. Go to the Original Starbucks. Why have I never been?

66. Go to the gym at least three times. That’s not that bad of a goal for 10 days off!

72. Play with my nephews some more!

80. Eat healthy. I can do it! Yes, I can!

84. Hang with my friends. I don’t get to do this too often!

87. Find respect for a new show!

90. Build a “Plan of Action 2013” book!

94. Buy some running shoes. What kind of runner doesn’t have running shoes.

100. Not be mad at myself if I don’t get to any of the stuff above.


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