[RHOA Recap] Season 5, Episode 6


Did you watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night? No worries if you didn’t. I have you covered in 7 points.

1. Kenya Moore is thirsty but perhaps there is a method behind her madness. Does her overzealous flirting cause Walter to get jealous? Will that Jealousy cause him to propose? Who knows! I suppose that the two of them have a life outside of the camera that is so remarkably wonderful that her television behavior doesn’t matter.

2. Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra… After a little harmless flirting between Apollo and Kenya Moore, Phaedra felt that it would be appropriate to pull out a crochet house coat that revealed all of her goods. It looked cheap. Kenya Moore has a better body… but you have the ring and the man. Don’t ever let another woman have you looking cheap.

3. Nene and Greg… back together. It’s clear that they love each other. They are the second best couple on the show. I’ll talk about the best later. I like Nene and Greg because they represent for most of us what Black couples look like. You break up.. and make up… but ultimately, love wins. Greg has a great personality and it fits Nene well. Nene experienced a little fame and found out that the more you have, the less you can trust people around you!

4. Kandi is my least favorite housewife. As much as I like her on the show, I don’t take her to be authentic and I do not like that she has a man living in her house along with her daughter that is/was willing to live there without a commitment. I know that she has experienced hardship with the passing of her former fiance, but uh… No need to be concerned about being locked down. He lives with you… Without a lock.

5. Portia Stuart .. Cordell Stewart’s wife… I like her. She is young and slightly silly… but a good fit for the show! She comes off as shallow but there’s more to her, I am sure. I also am intrigued with the cat fight that ensues between her and Kenya Moore. Portia is a little bit more tactful but younger…. therefore, I think she would take a 41 year old Kenya in a death match. The thing I didn’t like about her…. When her husband cancelled that dinner engagement with Cynthia and Peter, she would have told Cynthia so she wouldn’t have to drag Peter out for a girl’s night.

6. Cynthia has become my favorite over time… It’s not that I don’t have love for Nene anymore, it’s just that Cynthia has blossomed and is glorious in the face! I also like her and Peter’s relationship this season.

7. Kim Zolciak. Didyou use the “n” word?

8. The best thing to do after an episode of #RHOA? Go read the ladies Twitter feeds! The BEST commentary! @Kimzolciak @PhaedraParks @kenyamoore @NeNeLeakes @Kandi.

Now… for my favorite quotes of the night:

“Any enemy of Kenya is a friend of mine.” – Cynthia, befriending Porsha.

“I don’t have no time for bacterial vaginosis” – Phaedra

“She may be a Southern princess but if you mess with her man, she might tase you” – Kandi, on Phaedra

“Where are the damn cars around here?” – Nene

We should stay here and elope,” – Kenya

“Hopefully in the future, he’ll lock me down,” – Kandi on her boyfriend Todd

“They ain’t teaching me nothing new. I’ve been working the pole for years… I was the queen of the club. Only reason they didn’t crown me with a crown. They crowned me with dollars.” – NeNe dancing in Anguilla, reminding the world of her stripper days


Last week’s highly promoted departure of Kim boosted ratings, from 2.25 million a week earlier to 3 million viewers, second best of the season.


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