Election Day Swag Bag & More…


I don’t know about you but when I vote, I feel so blessed and humbled. The right to vote hasn’t always been for Black folks! We go to the polls thinking about our LIVING family members who had to deal with police dogs, water hose and all kinds of unfathomable acts… just to fulfill their human obligation. I thought about that this morning.

Anyways… I’m not a Democrat… But I’m a proud American, son of a mentally disabled woman, uncle to two and an educator so, with my conscience, the little intelligence I have and my heart… I voted for Barack Obama (again) because life’s decisions ought be centered around the things that matter the most to you not politics and propaganda.

And oh… So my polling site experience was kind of fun AND confusing! The people at my polling site weren’t very organized… There were about 10 older, older, older women there and one woman told me that if I surrendered my vote-by-mail ballot, I could vote at the polling spot and it would be counted quicker… then she second guessed herself and went and got some other guy… was trying to get me to sign something… I was trying to be nice because this adorable little Black child was smiling and waving at me repetitively! The site leader guy asked one of the ladies if she took some oath before she sat down to volunteer and she went HAM on him!

Luckily, I researched all of the rules, dos and don’t before arriving!



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