@Newsweek Goes ALL Digital

[Huffington Post] After 80 years of publishing (and printing), Newsweek magazine is going all digital starting in January. The last printed issue will be December 31, 2012.

Good or bad? I suppose a year or so ago, I would see this as bad, but now I am embracing the digital world and realizing that this is the future. And the future is here now. When digital cameras first came out, it took me awhile to get used to it and I was clinging to film, now I can’t imagine using film cameras anymore.

The good news about Newsweek going digital is that they can now publish the news instantly, which they probably were doing with their online edition now, but that was not doing the readers of the printed edition any good. But truth be told, even now, when you visit a doctor’s office, everyone is fiddling with their digital device and not touching the dirty outdated magazines in the waiting room. They are reading the news on their iPads and iPhones.



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