How Much would you pay to see the POTUS, Beyonce & Jay-Z?



I’ll be honest. I was a bit taken by the partnership with Beyonce and Jay-Z for this fundraiser. Most of BeyJay naysayers have linked them to the Illuminati (please don’t get me!) and other crazy stuff that I shall not mention. Anyway, If you want to attend this event with President Barack Obama, Jay Z and Beyonce, you are going to need anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 to get in. needless to say, we aren’t going but if I was… here are some questions I would ask before writing the check:

1. Is Beyonce sing at least 10 songs? Can I make a request? Is she singing live? Can I record?

2. Is Jay-Z rapping? How many songs? Will Kanye bust out? Nicki Minaj? Whitney Houston? Michael Jackson?

3. Can I get a refund if I am disappointed?

4. Is Blue Ivy apart of the package? Can I take a picture with her?

5. Can I see 1 golden stretch mark on Beyonce’s…. anything!


No to all of these? Well, then I aint coming!



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