[Out & About] The POTUS/FLOTUS + Omorosa + Serena Williams & More!


So Chic

Tatyana Ali! I love her looks… “Around-the-way-girl with expensive shoes” look.

So Chic

Serena Williams… so classic!

So Chic

You know I love Solange Knowles! I used to call her “Sponge” but I respect her individuality and that she rides for her people!

So Chic

Jennifer Hudson… I love her but I have one comment.. she has such a wide mouth and it is kinda wierd with her skinny face! Beautiful, nonetheless.

So Chic

Venus Williams… Now, when people have this look everyone says, “Oh, she looks like Kelly Rowland!”

Fierce Factor

Nobody is doing it in their old age like Halle Berry! She wasn’t even TRYING!

The POTUS and FLOTUS remember 9/11.

Fierce Factor

Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth attends Michael Clarke Duncan‘s Memorial Service.

Fierce Factor

Alicia Keys soaks up Fashion Week!

Fierce Factor

Gabrielle Union in the morning? BEAUTIFUL!

Fierce Factor

Speaking of beautiful older women, Ms. Vanessa Williams.



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