[News] Pastor Marvin Sapp to Open Charter School


GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) — There will be many changes taking place throughout West Michigan next week with the start of the school year.

One of the biggest is the opening of Grand Rapids Ellington Academy for Arts and Technology West Michigan’s first performing arts school had some bumps in the road along the way, but it will open Tuesday, September 4th.

“It is absolutely amazing. It is so exciting. Myself, as well as the staff, the founders and all of the folks who have come together to form the planning committee, and the implementation committee are just elated,” said Tamela Brown, principal of the school.

Founders, the late Dr. MaLinda Sapp and husband, grammy winning performing artist, Marvin Sapp, had plans to open the school in 2008 as one of Grand Rapids Schools of Innovation. Those plans were halted just before that school year. Then, in 2010, Dr. Sapp lost her long battle with colon cancer. Many, especially hopeful students, wondered if her dream of opening the performing arts school in Grand Rapids would ever come true. Now, they have their answer. [ Read More]



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