A Sad Excuse for an Album Review [Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange]

I wasn’t sure what to make of Frank Ocean because I don’t like publicity stunts or major announcements that aren’t related to music. Then, I was up when pandemonium took place and this man dropped his album early… all of a sudden, I felt led to find out what this Orange Channel was all about… Oops Channel Orange.  So… This Frank Ocean is like a Musiq Soulchild meets Prince meets “Trapped in the closetR. Kelly meets D’Angelo. I messed around and got wrapped up in that Jimmy Fallon performance and $9.99 later… I’m kinda sold.

So… People from Sierra Leone are generally cool people. Unrelated.

I like music that you have to spend time listening to… you have to peel back a few layers to get the true essence. You have to “figure out” much of the record… but that’s life. It’s not for kids. I don’t normally know what songs I really like at first listen… I’m not going to act like I can make a list. I will say that “Bad Religion” is the reason this is even happening for you.


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