Men & Weddings + New Tyrese & Brandy Duet

I don’t spend any time considering what will happen on my wedding day. I really don’t care… almost. I say almost because there is one thing that will not be negotiable… THE QUALITY OF THE MUSIC play and performed. I haven’t drawn out a playlist but I know that a few of my R&B cuts will featured, including Tyrese and Brandy’s “The Rest of our Lives.” I love this song.

Now, I’m not saying men don’t care about their wedding. I think for men, it’s more about WHO they are marrying, rather than who shows up, etc. My take is that since women start planning their wedding the day they realize the have an attraction to the opposite, they deserve to have whatever they have been dreaming about… within reason…


2 thoughts on “Men & Weddings + New Tyrese & Brandy Duet

  1. i dont care for brandy but tyrese is some real sexy chocolate ou la la i can just taste those lips right now ayeee papi!!!!!!!!

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