Why is Star Jones Hating on Oprah? @StarjonesEsq


I wanted to name this video, “Star Jones tries to come for Oprah and Anderson” but…

Star Jones, one who I would consider to be a smart business woman, has yet to determine where she stands on promoting her “sisters!” She recently stated in an interview that both Oprah and Anderson Cooper used their personal stories of drug use and sexual preference to boost TV ratings. Why does she care what Oprah is doing? Why does she care about why Anderson Cooper has come out of the closet? Does she have a television show? Star, we were doing so well! Please clarify why you care? If you would have shut your mouth, Oprah would have given you a show on her NETWORK!

No, I’m kidding. I am sure you don’t need a handout from Oprah… but ma’am. Remember how you used to try and play Nene Leakes to the left, stating that she was loud and selfish? Remember how you tried to position yourself as the caring, sister-friend who was down for whatever? Embrace Oprah and Anderson. Those are your sisters!


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