Kris Humphries is Expecting a Baby… and that aint got Nothing to do Kim Kardashian

When TMZ started reporting accurate death notifications, they won me over. I am convinced all of their information is factual! Neither here nor there. Sorry.

I’m writing to share with you that TMZ is reporting that Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband, Kris Humphries is expecting a new baby! I know what you are thinking! This is normally not the kind of news one expects to read about on Don’t worry. There is a method to my madness.

The spin that TMZ took was that this news could “hurt” Kris since he claims to have been emotionally scarred by his divorce to Kim Kardashian (during divorce proceedings). The baby’s mother is allegedly 3 months pregnant. Now… Lets do the math… (I’m almost done.) Kim and Kris were married for 72 days. They married on August 20, 2011. They divorced on October 31, 2012. If this chick is 3-months pregnant, they did the “do” around April 1, 2012. That’s a 5 month gap.. and more than enough time to get over Kim Kardashian…

This aint anothin’ to bring up in court. Kim Annoyed Ray J, Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries. All of them have moved on!  Kim doesn’t have anything under skirt that would cause an unsaved, attractive professional athlete to go celibate after divorcing her. Who is your lawyer Kris? Tell them to read this mess for their closing!




2 thoughts on “Kris Humphries is Expecting a Baby… and that aint got Nothing to do Kim Kardashian

  1. So what if Kris H is expecting a baby,Kris was hurt so much,I do believe he was used for ratings I don’t know about money. I am on Kris’s side,because in marriage u don’t go by how you feelings,u must try work on it before throwing in the towel,people don’t understand that marriage is about covenant and commitment. Nonny Mxo,South Africa,Johannesburg

  2. I agree with Nonny, I do feel Kris was hurt and “hurt people, hurt people” Kris has to heal within before he gets into another relationship. I hope this can be resolved amicably for all involved. Kris has to try and live this down and hold his head high,

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