Car Shopping Blessings and Dilemmas!

I’m blessed. I get to purchase a car of my choice. Thank you God. That being said, car shopping is stressful. Let me tell you. I don’t know how people just pop up at a dealership and come away with a car! How do you know what you are getting is the absolute best value? Needless to say, I’m indecisive and have no idea what it is that I want! New or used? Domestic or foreign? Sedan or coupe? Luxury or convenience? The options are without limit but time is of the essence. I wish the perfect car drove itself to my house and I drove off into the sunset. Unfortunately that’s not how it works! Anyway… Help me!


I’m renting this Hyuandai Genesis after seeing one at a lot and loving the interior. It’s a smooth ride with a beautiful interior. Just not sure I want to pay 30k+ for a Hyundai… No matter how great of a company they are.


An infinity would be nice, huh? I wonder if this is still on the lot?


Loved this car, aside from the fact that it was a 2012 with 20k miles. Lucy! Volkswagen CC. YUM.

I want a Lexus. The IS250 is ideal but my head rubs the ceiling.


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