My Thoughts on Newt Gingrich’s Comment about “The Language of Prosperity”

I’m an educator and support bilingual education. I believe that a school should teach students to speak the LANGUAGES that are necessary to survive personally and professionally. Considering that the census predicts that in 2050, 30% of the population will be Spanish-speaking, I am not sure how Newt can say that English stands alone as the “language of prosperity.” Even today, a person who is bilingual has the potential to make more money than someone who has mastered the English language alone. I digress. P.S. I’m not bashing Republicans, I’m challenging a dumb comment.


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Newt Gingrich’s Comment about “The Language of Prosperity”

  1. Newt does, however, have a point. English is the dominant global language and the one language one must know to survive and be successful in the global marketplace. While teaching languages other than English is important, English remains the language of prosperity in the postmodern epoch. English has become the global dominant; it’s just like essential capital. Therefore, I’m not so sure that Newt’s comment is “a dumb comment.”

  2. Don’t get lost in the political nonsense. That comment was more about supporting his earlier statement that if you want to live here….. have enough respect to speak english. A common language is a prime ingredient to a successful society.

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