Setting Goals for 2012

At some point in your life, you’ve thought long and hard about what you want to accomplish within a year and jotted a few things down. If you are like me, eating healthy and working out are somewhere in top 3 but overall, your not likely going to make any serious changes. As soon as life resumes and the stresses of your career and family resume, it’s business as usual. I get it.

That being said, I think there ar/  e a few things things we can do to make 2012 different. Follow me!

1. Identify what is priority in your life. What has to work. What is most important. Who are the players? Prioritizing is important. If you don’t know what you value the most, you may be at risk of spending a the year wasting time.

2. After you have prioritized, you need to need to establish goals around the things most important to you. For example, family is atop my list but I live in a different state than the majority of my family. My primary goal with regard to family is to plan ahead of time to share milestones and holidays with loved ones.

3. Usually money plays an important role in our ability to reach each of our goals. We have to plan ahead for the things that matter the most AND for the things we cannot avoid. Using the example above, I need to be thinking about the resources it will take to make flight arrangements, send gifts, etc. I need to consider how I will invest my tax return, plan with my loyalty points and schedule around my career obligations.

3. After I have webbed out all of my goals, I need a plan of action that is centered around benchmarks. A good tool to use may be a huge calendar that has important holidays, paid vacation days, birthdays and other major activities. I’ll plan times to purchase tickets, follow up with travel partners etc. I’ll make reservations and calendar all of my goals and other important  dates on my phone or other digital calendars.


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