Vivica A. Fox and Fiance Call it quits…A Lesson in Cougaring!

You want my thoughts on this first… or do you want me to go into Vivica’s thoughts? Well, CLICK HERE to watch the video..

Below are a few quotes fromt he video and some of my thoughts:

“I was ready to do the family thing but unfortunately things didn’t work out. I had the courage to end things before we jumped the broom and wasted a lot of money. I’ve been married before and if there are warning signs, you should pay attention to them before you get families involved with all the hoopla.”

This is why you older women need to  get out of your head that you are going to cougar your way into a husband. No. A young guy already has a mother. Your too old to be at the club every night! Let these youngsters marry other youngsters who can keep up with them!

“Sometimes when you’re successful you just have to make sure that someone is coming to you with real intentions. That means taking the time to get to know them for real and make sure they’re not dating you as the celebrity but they’re dating you as a person. I mean you are who you are if you are a celebrity. But that does make it a little bit difficult to make sure that someone isn’t marrying you for a shopping spree.”

Well, how long did it take you to figure out that a man with no money who is super younger than you might want to get comfortable with the fact that he is going to want everything he sets his eye on. You get a youngster with a 6 pack. He gets all the stuff a youngster. You are even!

“I told myself I’m going to try something different next time ‘cause I happened to fall in love with a six pack and a smile and look what that’s gotten me.”

Well… you are too old to be falling for foolishness. Cry me a river.

Ladies… Let Vivica Fox be a lesson to you all… Cougaring doesn’t pay off! She wasted years of her ADULT life in clubs trying to keep up with what she calls a “six pack and a smile” and look what that got her! A bunch of glittery clothes clothes from Arden B.! Go and get yourself a man with a belly, gray hair and his own money! Is Jame Earl Jones alive and single?


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