Housewives of Atlanta Recap #2


I was excited to finally be done with the American Music Awards… They were boring but i watched long enough to catch Queen Mary J. Blige. Luckily, she was done around 9:57 p.m. That was just enough time for me to find Bravo!

Where do I begin? Phaedra has surely grown on me this season but some of the same issues I had with her in the past still linger. In my opinion, she shows little respect for her husband. I think some of the things she discusses with him are quite inconsistent with the southern belle thing she goes for. In addition, its odd that Apollo would think that he could lie to Phaedra about getting pulled over when they are very well known and she was sure to hear about it. I’ll be back to these two.

Sheree bad mouths Nene a lot. That’s about all she did throughout the show. She took a little Nene break to show us the demolition of a house we are to believe belonged to hers. I would like to know how she is paying for all of those building plans.

Leon and Peters discussion in the kitchen was awkward but good. I love when Leon says “I’ve been in the Cynthia Bailey business longer than you.” Clearly Peter can be irrational. I have a problem with how he reponds to things… But i wouldn’t go as far as to say that he and Cynthia aren’t meant for one another. I don’t get the sense we really know her as well as we could. That being said, I would prefer Leon for her.

Kim is dillusional. I REALLY do.t have much to say on her. I was quite shocked to hear her say that she and Sheree had been friends for 10 years. She also was going hard on Cynthia for being late to her babyshower. She must have forgotten that she cut up at Cynthias wedding where she brought her own wine, no gift and said they wouldn’t be married longer than a year. Moving on.

And last but no least… Nene Leakes wasn’t doing much this week. She and Greg had an awkward visit and she hung with Kandi and her mom. I’m just confused about what’s happening with she and Greg. It’s a cold world out there… Stick with what works Nene.

In closing: Love Nene, Cynthia and Phaedra. Kandi is tacky. Sheree and Kim… Irrelevant.


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