The food I Eat… and stuff.

Good morning! Wait, it’s 1:16 p.m. No wonder someone announced they were going to lunch. I am working on bringing my lunch to work. Eating out does terrible things to your body. Sometimes you have to sacrifice and get a good cookbook! It’s the way to extend your days. We have no idea what people  at our favorite dining experience put in their food. We love to eat certain things because it takes good and don’t care how it was manufactured. The these thoughts go trough my mind when I am enjoying my McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger and there is something chewy stuck in my teeth. Makes ya think…. but not for long!

What is this post about? I am just motivating myself to think twice about what I eat! Afterall, my body is the Lord’s Temple. That being said, Lord, allow me to make the kind of money that allows me to eat less processed, gourmet food! OR, give me someone who can cook!

Love you! -Domo


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