[Recaps] Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4, Episode 2

This is the second episode of the fourth season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nene, kandi and the model hit Miami while Phaedra desires to be an undertaker. I just don’t know what  to make her decisions. They can be brash.

Willie sanctified Phaedra and caused her to apply a lap scarf. She called JT a prayer cloth. Meanwhile, Kim wants to know why Phaedra is interested in the dead. Well Kim.. its her “calling.” I don’t doubt that people are called to the business of burrying people but clearly her focus  is on something related comlassion.

Kandi seems to be skeptical a out the amount of money Nene has. I agree with the model. I can’t think of her name. I’m sorry. No disrespect.

Sheree takes her son to buy foot all shoes and and she and son talk about dating… While she was paying attention to Nene’s pockets, her sons feet grew a size or two. Kandi was being a bit of a hated. I was surprised.

When Kandi was complaining about her weight, Cynthia said, “I see what your saying, though.”

“As fast as you can go up, you can come down…. Like a Stripper pole.” Sheree.

Why is Phaedra dogging her husbands Job on national tv. Tacky! Later on she announces that she isn’t getting as much sex as she would like.

Speaking of tacky…. This whole show can be delightfully tacky. I’ll still be watching. Though.


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