Weekly Affirmations (5/2-830/2011) Anti-Negativity Campaign 2.0

Do you know someone who always seems to be drowning in pessimism? All of their Facebook and Twitter updates are sad complaints about how terrible their life is and how they have haters lined up, trying to pull them down. It gets old! Negativity is draining!

Negativity is a cloud that hovers over people at their own will. You can make the choice to avoid negativity and look at things positively. I thank God for allowing me to step back from some of the things I endure and look at them holistically. I’m learning to ask God, “What do you want me to get out of this?” I also know that in my weakest moments, It’s important for me to remember that as a professing Christian, people are watching me. When I could choose to break under pressure, my resilience is a testament to the power of God in my life.

If God is this BIG God that brings sunshine to darkness, surely he is capable of brightening my perspective and helping me to remain positive even when it is not easy! This week, I will not give in to the feelings and thoughts of negativity. I will not use my social networking sites to promote negativity. I will reroute negativity that comes to me in person, via e-mail and on the phone. I will ask God for his strength to be accountable to my own affirmations.


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